Short Introduction About Myself

My first blog is just to introduce the most basic information about myself

I am Phung, a third-year student from Honor Program at University of Economics and Law.

My friends consider me as a friendly person with open – minded, since I am willing to make friends with others. Moreover, as an ambitious student, I always desire to learn new things every day to widen my knowlegde. Besides, practicing different skills is also an important thing to me.

I love traveling because I absolutely could acquire special and meaningful things from every trip. Interest in culture differences between nations is also a reason for my traveling love.

To me, nothing is impossible. Therefore, I never say that I can’t if I haven’t ever tried. Failure doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything, but simply that you can learn one more thing. By making mistakes, we will improve by learing form them.

Finally, I would like to say: “Do what you want and try you best, since you only live once!”

3 thoughts on “Short Introduction About Myself

  1. Hi Tue,
    I was impressed with all the “likes” you did to acknowledge your visit to the pages. It is for me a sign that shows that you consciously follow the instructions. That is the first step to be a good executive, and for me, it is also a sign that you have leadership skills.
    For English, here are some corrections to consider:
    1. “I am a friendly girl ” is not quite “English”. I think you are trying to say:”I like to make friends with people, or I relate easily with people around me, or people consider me as a friendly person”, whichever you choose.
    2. “To my attitude, there is nothing that we can’t do”>> suggestion: “To me, nothing is impossible if we have the will to do it” or “when there is a will, there is a way”, or if you want to include the idea of ‘attitude’ then you can say “For me, Attitude is important if we want to succeed. If we never try, we will never learn. By making mistakes, we will improve by learning from them”.
    Have a nice day. Prof Anh Tho Andres

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    1. Thank you for you suggestions and I have edited my post so that it can be more “english” ^^. Should I make other mistakes, please let me know and give me your precious advices.
      You are the first person to say that I have a sign of having leadership skills. You are really a dedicated professor when reading and commenting almost E-4-MBA members’ posts.
      Again, thank you so much. Hope you have a nice weekend!

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